Body Panel Repair

DS panels are prone to corrosion, with the door lower seal holders the first parts to go followed by the bottom edges.

The front wings rot around the arch and the indicator area and the support bracket in the wheel arch can become detached. Here is a couple of pictures of a corroded wing and then with a repair section let in.

wing corroded thumb 01wing repaired thumb 01

The rear wings go on the front panel at the top and bottom edgeswith corrosion bubbling through the paint.

The boot lid goes around the lower edge especially when the sponge type seal is fitted, as this absorbs water and retains it so it can rot the metal around it.

Luckily the bonnet is aluminium and therefore relatively corrosion free.

As all these problems are known, there are repair panels and tried techniques to repair even the worst panels. We can also repair front wings and door bottoms with stainless steel repair sections if required.

Replacement panels are available, mainly used, although new door skins and complete doors are being produced.

See in the gallery section for more pictures of repairs in progress.