Current Developments


The idea is to improve the practicality and utilise the carrying capacity of the DS by converting to a hatchback. This was successfully achieved as a prototype and shown at the CCC D rally a few years ago. It used rear seats from an XM that folded flat to achieve a large load area.

DS 25

See elsewhere on this website the progress that has been made with this idea. There is a prototype currently running around validating the engine, and the injection system is also in development having been proved on the development car and tested on a rolling road dyno. 

Gearbox upgrade

We are currently evaluating a raised ratio gearbox to determine its benefits in terms of driving experience against the cost of conversion. The DS25 utilises a high 5th gear allowing very relaxed high speed cruising. Together with the raised ratio crownwheel and pinion this has the lowest engine speed to road speed of any DS I know, and the 2.5 litre engine has no problem pulling it. Conversion cost is in the region of £4000 exchange.