Mechanical Overhauls

Despite being very robust and long lived, the DS engine is still prone to wear, especially as the youngest is over 30 years old. Our experience is that they continue to run despite considerable internal damage and wear, albeit with reduced performance..


Gearboxes, again are extremely robust, with damage being caused mainly by lack of oil changes or simply lack of oil or plain abuse. They can be rebuilt, but it is often cheaper to obtain a good second hand unit as expense is due to the specialist tools and knowledge to rebuild them correctly.

Drive shafts also wear due to lack of regular greasing, but can be rebuilt if required.

As to the hydraulic system, there are companies specialising in the refurbishment of all the hydraulic components on the car, and thus are available on an exchange basis. The pipes are replaced with copper alloy material and therefore do not rust in future.

The wheels can be shot blasted, hot zinc sprayed and then powder coated in any colour required.