Va Va Voom!

1-Va-Va-Voom-Citroen-DSMThis section describes some of the improvements that we can incorporate into your DS

 The DSM (pictured right) has a lot of Va Va Voom in that it is the only Maserati V6 semi-automatic 4 door convertable in the world, as far as we know. 



2-Va-Va-VoomHere is the DSM engine bay during development. 

The chassis was substantially modified to accept the V6 Maserati engine which was fitted to an upgeared 4 speed semi-automatic DS gearbox. The ancilliary components were fitted in whatever was the most suitable remaining space available. The SM radiator was fitted at an angle to allow the DS bonnet to close, and CX twin fans were added controlled in conjunction with an electric coolant pump and thermostat arrangement. 


Other improvements include :

DS 2.5 lite engine

The DS was always criticised for the engine as being underpowered. This improvement addresses this issue in a relatively simple and practical manner. The 2527cc engine is a combination of a CX25 block and crankshaft together with DS23 engine parts and some special components to create an engine that looks almost identical to the standard unit but has a welcome boost to power and torque. Together with a modern injection system and an uprated gearbox, the result is a car that can easily match the pace of modern motorway motoring. Here is a 2.5 and 2.1 engine side by the difference.

25 engine comp thumb

Gearbox ratio upgrade

The standard gearbox ratios are relatively low, which give good acceleration, but result in the engine running faster than necessary at fast cruising speeds. The gearbox final drive and top gears ratios can be increased to improve economy, reduce in car noise and improve the driving experience.